Anne Arquit Niederberger, Ph.D.

Anne is Principal at the consultancy Policy Solutions. She has dedicated her career to climate change and green economy solutions, shifting her focus from climate science to government policy and strategic consulting. Most recently, she served as Vice President for Market Development at Enervee, where she advanced consumer product market transformation in the USA. Anne's leadership and cutting edge thinking had a lasting impact on climate policy in Switzerland. She represented the Government of Switzerland in the UN climate negotiations from 1991-2000, serving as lead negotiator on scientific issues in her capacity as Deputy Director for Climate Change at the Federal Office for Environment and, subsequently, the Kyoto Protocol market mechanisms. She established Swiss carbon market activities on behalf of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs and conceived the Swiss Climate Cent, both of which have been anchored in Swiss law. Anne holds an A.B. degree with High Honors from Dartmouth College and a Ph.D. in Oceanography from the University of Hawaii, completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Berne and served as Visiting Scholar at Columbia University. She has published extensively and advised globally on sustainable development, clean energy and climate change issues.

In the Media

World Bank Includes UCCRN in Report on Governance
(Earth Institute, Columbia University)

The World Bank’s Climate Change — Partnerships and Knowledge Unit (GCCKN) recently released a report, authored by Anne Arquit Niederberger of Policy Solutions, about engaging non-state actors, civil society, private sector, and the general public in identifying and implementing climate actions. The report discusses how climate action fits into a framework of good governance. It highlights UCCRN as one of the research consortia that “have recently been created to bring much needed scientific rigour to understanding urban and energy transitions and the implications for urban governance to respond to climate change.”

Caltrain and bikes
(San Jose Mercury News)

I strongly recommend that all of these new cars be configured as bike cars to get ahead of the obvious trend in cyclist ridership...It would be regrettable if Caltrain didn't seize this opportunity to create a level playing field for both cyclists and non-cyclists. As we have seen in San Francisco, when bike infrastructure is good, ridership will grow.

In February 2015, Caltrain ultimately decided to add a third bike car on all Bombardier trains, going beyond the demands of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

UN's carbon role questioned as $200 mln cash pile sits idle
(Thompson Reuters)

Having staff sit in Bonn and slowly draw down the surplus in salary is not a good use of these human and financial resources," said Anne Arquit Niederberger, a consultant who has worked on CDM projects and was a Swiss negotiator at U.N. climate talks when the mechanism was drawn up in the 1990s.

The CDM raises funds by charging fees to developers for registering projects and issuing credits, a relatively unique mechanism which helped it grow from a handful of staff in 2003 to more than 160 in 2013 as the number of projects mounted. Its accounts show almost half of the current annual budget of $32.9 million is to pay staff, which still number around 150 despite a massive drop-off in new projects seeking registration.

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