Big Data & Digital Marketing Meet Residential Energy Efficiency

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Reliable LED Technologies for Poor-Quality Grids

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Reframing Engagement in Urban Climate Governance

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New Business Models for a Low-Carbon China

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Super-Efficient Domestic Appliances Deliver Utility-Scale Savings

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Do Carbon Markets Hinder Transformational Change?

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World Investment Report: Transnational Corporations & Climate Change

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Management Systems Could Spur Continual Improvement in Climate Protection

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Advancing Energy Efficiency Globally

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Global Update: Topten's Role in Stimulating Super-Efficient Consumer Products

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Performance-Based Financing of Clean & Green Projects

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Swiss Climate & Energy Policy

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Global Change Research

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Ph.D. Research and Senior Thesis

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Blueprint for Green Growth

  • Developing a Green Growth Program implementation roadmap and mayoral decision document for the city of Cali, Colombia.
  • Client: The World Bank

Enervee Adds Policy Expertise

  • Enervee - the world’s first energy efficiency data and marketing platform - has added Anne Arquit Niederberger to its Advisory Board. Enervee applies today’s digital marketing best practices to execute turnkey closed loop energy efficiency programs for utilities in the United States.
  • Link to Enervee

Citizen Engagement in Urban Climate Change Programs

  • Providing input on citizen engagement mechanisms in the context of the Colombo Green Growth Program (Scaling Up Climate Action in Cities), including drafting a report and facilitating an e-discussion
  • Client: The World Bank
  • Completed: 2015
  • Related publication

Better Market Street San Francisco

  • Dr. Anne Arquit Niederberger has been appointed to serve on the Better Market Street Community Advisory Committee. San Francisco BMS is the exciting collaboration of five key city agencies and community partners, initiating a number of improvements to test ways to improve Market Street between the Embarcadero and Van Ness Avenue.
  • Appointed: 2014
  • Link to San Francisco Better Market Street

Transforming the African Market for Lighting Services

  • Performed desk review and scoping study to consider the role that market-pull mechanisms could play in efforts to transform lighting markets in Sub-Saharan Africa, with special consideration given to LED products. Provided thought leadership, facilitated a Global Virtual Workshop and drafted several sections of the project report.
  • Client: The World Bank
  • Completed: 2014

Innovation + Standards = More Efficient Products

Sonoma County Energy Independence Program

  • Dr. Anne Arquit Niederberger has been appointed to serve as a member of the Community Advisory Group established to support the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP). The Program serves as a central clearinghouse of information about energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy generation, including Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to property owners, payable back to the County through the owner’s property tax bill.
  • Appointed: 2013

Business Model Innovation - Beyond Efficiency

  • Invited Speaker at the “2013 International Forum on Low-Carbon Industry and Green Economy” (Beijing, 20 November 2013), presenting on industrial energy efficiency innovation
  • Organizer: Chinese Association of Plant Engineering Consultants
  • Completed: 2013
  • Presentation and related publication

Ghana Performance-Based Finance for Energy Efficiency

  • Carbon Consultant to the USD 6.12 million UNDP/GEF project “Promoting of Appliance of Energy Efficiency and Transformation of the Refrigerating Appliances Market in Ghana” (2012), including development of a Performance-Based Finance Plan of Action
  • Client: Ghana Energy Commission
  • Completed: 2012

Clean Energy Ministerial Briefing on Super-Efficiency

  • Prepared briefing materials for the Clean Energy Ministerial high-level roundtable on super-efficient appliances (April 2012, London), which were provided to ministers and corporate executives participating in the event, reported on outcomes and drafted follow-up recommendations
  • Client: US Department of Energy (via CLASP and TopTen USA)
  • Completed: 2012
  • CEM3 Briefing Super-Efficient Appliances

Low-Carbon Buildings: Methods, Training and Project Preparation Macedonia

  • Drafted a methodology to quantify greenhouse gas emissions reductions from buildings, relying on building energy simulation methods; created a learning module on the use of building energy simulation to quantify greenhouse gas emissions reductions from building projects; and prepared documentation for a public green building program in Macedonia
  • Client: The World Bank
  • Completed: 2012

Green Climate Fund

  • Supported the Swiss government in it’s role as co-facilitator of the work stream on governance and institutional arrangements undertaken by the Transitional Committee for the design of the Green Climate Fund, with an emphasis on engaging the private sector
  • Client: Swiss Federal Office for the Environment
  • Completed: 2011

Food Supply, Resources & Waste in China

  • Delivered Keynote Speech on “Food Supply, Resources and Waste - Keys to a Harmonious (and Sustainable) Society” at the invitation of the Environmental Protection Bureaus of Qiqihar and Heilongjiang Province on the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony for new waste treatment facility
  • Client: Milestone International Holdings Group, Ltd.
  • Completed: 2011
  • Presentation

Implementing an End-Use Efficiency Obligation in Germany

  • Drafted position paper for a leading European home appliance manufacturer, advocating for an end-use efficiency obligation on electricity suppliers in Germany, combined with a tradable white certificate scheme
  • Client: Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Germany
  • Completed: 2011
  • Related White Paper

Renewable Biomass for Small Rural Industries in Indonesia

  • Advised consortium on Clean Development Mechanism potential of a program to substitute renewable biomass for fossil fuel for thermal use by small rural industries in Indonesia, including overall assessment, rough emissions reduction estimation, identification of open issues and recommended next steps
  • Client: Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Germany
  • Completed: 2011

Energy Embedded in Water

  • Drafted Project Idea Note for a Clean Development Mechanism Program of Activities in the United Arab Emirates to promote energy- and water-efficient major domestic appliances globally; subsequently drafted a tool to calculate the emission factor for energy embedded in water supplied to end-users.
  • Client: KfW Bankengruppe, Germany
  • Completed: 2011

Institutional Innovation of Low-Carbon Development in Beijing

  • International Expert on the GEF “Study on Institutional Innovation of Low-Carbon Development in Beijing”, responsible for study on energy-saving and environmental protection price policies and mechanisms in other countries
  • Client: Energy Research Institute, National Development & Reform Commission, China
  • Completed: 2011

Life-Cycle Emissions Reductions from Recycling Scrap Tires

  • Strategic and technical advice on potential to generate carbon offsets from life-cycle emissions reductions associated with recycling of scrap tires as opposed to other end-of-life options, such as combustion in cement plants
  • Client: Genan Business & Development A/S, Denmark
  • Completed: 2013

Trans-National Corporations & Low-Carbon Development

  • Drafted report “Levers to Enhance Trans-National Corporation Contributions to Low-Carbon Development” and served as a member of the think tank that helped draft Chapter IV (Low Carbon FDI) of the World Investment Report 2010 “Investing in a Low-Carbon Economy”
  • Client: U.N. Conference on Trade & Development, Geneva
  • Completed: 2010
  • Download the report

13 Million CFLs for the Philippines

  • Clean Development Mechanism Consultant on the Philippine Energy Efficiency Project, Nationwide Residential Lighting Project, distributing 13 million compact fluorescent lamps; project design, detailed distribution and monitoring plan, third-party validation process
  • Client: Department of Energy, Philippines
  • Completed: 2010

Cleantech Deployment in China

  • Senior Advisor to Board Chairman on cleantech deployment in Mainland China, including renewable energy, rural household energy, energy efficiency, waste management, and water treatment
  • Client: Milestone International Holdings Group, Ltd.
  • Completed: 2010
  • Related Case Study

Energy Efficiency in International Negotiations

  • Thought leadership on integrating energy efficiency into international climate change and energy negotiations and adoption of management system standards as the primary vehicle for monitoring, reporting and verification of low-carbon development strategies
  • Client: U.N. Foundation Energy & Climate Change Program
  • Completed: 2010
  • Related publication

CDM in China: Five Years of Experience (2004 - 2009)

  • International Expert to The World Bank on China’s economic development and CDM institutions and policies in the context of updating the 2004 report “CDM in China”
  • Client: The World Bank
  • Completed: 2010
  • Download the report

Energy Management Systems for Chinese Municipalities

  • Spearheaded the China Sustainable Energy City project, which demonstrated that quantitative energy management systems could be an effective framework to operationalize the “scientific approach to development” in Chinese energy policymaking at the city level. Successful pilot led to 3-year, $5 million Low-Carbon City China program.
  • Partners: Policy Solutions / ENCO Switzerland / NDRC Energy Research Institute
  • Co-Financing: Government of Switzerland and project partners
  • Completed: 2009
  • Project documentation

High-Level Climate Technology Conference, Beijing

  • Invited Speaker at the “Beijing High-Level Conference on Climate Technology Development and Technology Transfer” (Beijing, 7-8 November 2008)
  • Organizers: Chinese Government, UN DESA
  • Completed: 2008
  • Presentation

Climate Change for Kids

  • Keynote Speech to 5th-8th grade students at a special all-school assembly on climate change arranged by one of the students at the Old Turnpike School in Califon, NJ USA
  • Client: Pro bono
  • Completed: 2007
  • Presentation

Market Mechanisms to Promote High-Efficiency Electric Motor Systems

  • Convened international workshop “Defining a Clean Development Mechanism Pilot Program to Promote High-Efficiency Electric Motor Systems” in Beijing, China (14 June 2007). Nearly 60 international and Chinese persons, with expertise ranging from government policymaking to private investment and high-efficiency motors and motor systems, actively participated in the event to evaluate the use of market mechanisms to promote the uptake of high-efficiency motors and motor systems.
  • Sponsors: International Copper Association, A+B International, Azure International
  • Other partners: Energy Management Company Association of China, EU Joint Research Center (Ispra)
  • Completed: 2007

Clean Development Mechanism in China

  • International Peer Reviewer of the landmark study in 2004 – 2005, with responsibility for Chinese energy and climate scenarios.
  • Client: The World Bank
  • Completed: 2005
  • Download the report